Daily UX Shenanigans

Chapter: Nuya's Essence 

I am a sucker for organic beauty products. Until they made the decision to close their store in Dar and open a stockist and an online store, I had long enjoyed shopping at Nuya's Essence. I haven't used their web store yet, but I will without a doubt do so in the future.

As a result, I went to one of the stockists to get my normal 2- to 3-month supply of body scrubs, cleansers, facial oils, and body lotion (if you haven't tried it, please do). For me to purchase the products I needed on this particular day, I set out to the stockist store. Since I was already familiar with the store, I looked for any obvious changes that might indicate where Nuya's shelf is. To my half surprise, I was unable to spot them, but that was my fault because they had been tucked behind a shelf that was directly in front of the entrance. 

I initially pointed to the shelf when I asked the counter clerk where I could find Nuya's products. When I arrived, there were only a few items there, mostly soaps and facial oils. When I asked one of the store employees if that was all they had, he directed me to the opposite side of the shelf. I discovered a few more items and chose what I needed. I inquired as to if there were any other items on hand because it wasn't everything I needed. I specifically wanted the newly launched body butter cream, but the lady at the counter had no idea what I was talking about and told me that what I found on the shelf was all that was available.

I've been a supporter and customer of Nuya's Essence for the past five years, and I have no plans to stop. As a result, I feel qualified to provide my honest opinion on how the most recent modifications have affected my customer experience.

3. It was easy to get information about stock; if a product was running low or was going to run out, I could quickly learn about it and make plans to return for what I wanted once it hit the shelves.

4. Not having a noticeable shelf/stand made the introvert in me want to cry because I had to talk to strangers (joking). The branding on the labels doesn't stand distinctly among the sea of products from the stockist shop. Having Nuya's branded display would be wonderful. It makes it easier to know where to get your Nuya's goodies.

5. Some of the products had prices that were higher than those charged at the original Nuya's store. For instance, island coconut oil is 30% more expensive than it is in Nuya's store, and body lotion is 20% more expensive. The chaga in me is still processing this, it makes it more difficult for me to buy in bulk.

Anyway, as I already stated, I won't quit using Nuya's products. I'll do it while grumbling since girl child (me) needs a candy store. When I stop grumbling I’ll come and write an update. 

Missing Photo credits: Unsplash

Originally written on May 9, 2023.